Neck Problems and Headaches

Neck pains and headaches can cause a significant problem for many people.  Manual / physical therapy such as chiropractic can help with these complaints.  NICE Guidelines (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) for neck pain between 4 and 12 weeks duration promote a ‘multimodal treatment strategy that includes stretching and strengthening exercises and some form of manual therapy’ (NICE, revised April 2015). 

Chiropractic is well suited to offer this care and this can be explained in depth at initial consultation.

Headaches are important to assess and diagnose quickly, however most headaches are not due to a serious cause and can be managed with conservative care.  Cervicogenic headaches are headaches due to neck problems and tensions which a chiropractor could assess and treat and work to effectively prevent (Effecetiveness of manual therapies: the UK evidence report. Bronfort et al, 2010).  Tension type headache prevention can include acupuncture or dry needling (NICE Guidelines, Headache Tension-Type, revised April 2015) which we offer at our clinic.

Migraines are a significant problem for many people and can have a significant impact on quality of life.  Chiropractic care has been found to help with these types of headaches too (Bronfort, 2010).

Other issues such as cervicogenic dizziness can also be effectively managed by a chiropractor (Bronfort, 2010).

If you have any questions or you are in doubt as to whether we can help.  An assessment (full case history and examination) is always the best first step.  From there we can correctly advise you and you can then make an informed decision as to how you best seek care for your complaint.