Initial Consultation, Treatment and Price List

An initial consultation will consist of 6 sections and last approximately 60 minutes.  Firstly a general health questionnaire is assessed to ensure we understand your general health status as this can often have implications with diagnosis and treatment.  We then take a thorough case history, covering any issues you may have.  Following this we conduct a physical examination which often includes neurological and orthopaedic tests to build up a picture of the issue or problem.  This is followed by a report of findings where we explain a diagnosis, developed from the case history and examination, and what we feel is the best plan of management given these findings.   Questions and consent follow this discussion at which point you can ask any questions you like, or we can clarify any points previously made.  If this is satisfactory and you are happy to have treatment, and treatment is appropriate, we will begin some initial care.

Occasionally treatment is not appropriate at an initial consultation and if this is the case, this will be explained fully at the time.  If there is any further imaging required we can either refer you to your GP for this, or request this privately, both options can be discussed at the time if they apply.  

Subsequent treatments following the initial consultation will not be as long as there is not as much paperwork to complete, they will last approximately 15-20 minutes.


Clinic Price List

Initial Consultation £62.00

Follow-up Consultations


Over 65's


Child Assessment


Child Follow-up Consultation


Re-assessment (>1yr since last treatment)


Re-assessment (>2yr since last treatment)


Massage 30 mins/1 hr


Imaging MRI Scan



Imaging can be arranged if the chiropractor deems it appropriate.  There are several factors that can influence a decision to request further imaging.  If required, the chiropractor will discuss these with you.  If you want to discuss imaging with us, please metion it and we will outline any options available to you.

Re-assessment fees :  These are charged as above because after a certain length of time we are required to complete further reviews over and above that required in a normal routine consultation.  This is due to our regulatory responsibility and simply requires more time to complete.  Thank you for your understanding.  


Opening Times

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