01 Mar 2016

Welcome to our new website !!!


The fireworks are over - the launch party balloons have looked their best, and we are still super excited about launching our first proper site for Cullercoats Family Chiropractic, and about time.  We are finally stepping into the 21st century and getting online!  The first website we had, if any of you checked it out, was only really designed to give out our address and phone number.  This site is designed to keep pace with our exciting new ideas and expanding business.  The guys at Way Fresh did a fabulous job helping us put it together. 

So, what can you look forward to?

You can look forward to regular News articles.  We will be posting regular informative articles about many different topics all relating to care, chiropractic, life and anything else relevant in between.  If you have any requests or keen to hear about ... please get contact and let us know!

You can look forward to new courses in rehab and specific core fitness.  These will be local, affordable, highly throughout courses designed by Daniel and Elaine specifically for people that have experienced sports injuries in the past or chronic lower back pain or anybody looking to help prevent injury in the future.  Follow our News in the coming months to learn why this helps!

You can look forward to new services.

Massage is a great new service we are offering.  It can really work well in partnership to chiropractic care and because of this we have decided to incorporate it into the clinic.  Please head to our massage section of the website to find out more information!

Contact us !

Please feel free to contact us and let us know if you liked something or if you would like to hear more on a certain topic.  We really will listen and post blog articles that are of interest to you!  You can email us, or easier still, head to our contact page and fill the contact form out… We’ll get your message straight away.

Thank you for taking a look and visit regularly to see what’s going on !!!

Keep Healthy !