Summer Seminars

04 Mar 2016

Learning is great and rewarding.  Summer is great and rewarding.  So why not combine the two!  Check out our seminars section to explore some of the courses that are available to book now.  Our new website comes complete with an excellent and simple function to register for and pay for courses and seminars online. Just check the registration form at the bottom of the seminar information page.

The courses are not limited to certain people or groups but it is clear some are CPD courses for professionals, GP’s, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists or sports therapy professionals, and some are more informative for patients should they wish to learn more.

Courses vary in length and complexity of content.  Each course page will outline all the details you need to know to find a course that suits you.

If you work within the physical therapy arena then these courses will absolutely be of value to you as a practitioner and enhance your practice.  The CPD course content has been designed in a way so that the information is immediately useful for you!  All elements of theory and practice will be delivered in such a way so that is useful to you the very next day.  So whether you have just gained your qualification or been in practice for years these courses will prove to be a good stepping stone to more refined practice and therefore you can be of more benefit to your patients / clients, or simply revision of useful techniques and safety points.


Head to our seminars page in services to see our up and coming seminars!