Massage Therapy

04 Mar 2016

Elaine and I always strive to ensure that as a clinic we are offering high quality musculoskeletal care that has a firm foundation in current, up to date research.  We also believe that care can be complex and is individual to each and every patient.  As a result of this we use a scheme of care called ‘diversified’.  This means that we do not focus our care on one particular technique or tool, but use a range of techniques which we have been highly trained in to complete a given plan of management.

We feel that this doesn’t dilute our care standard but the opposite… it strengthens our ability to treat a range of complaints and a range of people.

Massage and soft tissue work are subtly different.  In our treatments we do complete a range of soft tissue work techniques and some massage.  However, focused massage time is also beneficial in certain circumstances and so we have started to offer this as of April 2016.


If you are keen to understand more of the benefits of massage head over to our massage page in our ‘services’ section.  If you would like to discuss it, contact us! Or you can book with Catherine now on 0191 289 4567.